Kincladie Wood is "ancient" and has existed without ever being cleared for grazing or arable farming since at least 1750.

It is a mixed wood comprising of both deciduous and conifer trees in all levels of maturity, and supports an extensive range of flora and fauna and wildlife.

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Fungi Tress Flowers Kincladie Woods 
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Given that the wood is over 300 years old it has impressive and extensive biodiversity. It is classified as an “upland oak-birch wood” with a diverse understory of woodland flora; is listed by PKC as Ancient Woodland in their inventory and is formally recognised in the Tayside Biodiversity strategic plan. Woodland of this age is very rare.

The wood extends to 8.2 hectares (20 acres) It has areas of mature Beech, Oak, Douglas Fir , Grand Fir , Scots Pine, Larch, Birch, Ash and Spruce. The fauna, flora and mycology is rich with established cover of rare specimens only seen in ancient primitive forest.

You will see Information boards in the woods describing the ecology and we have created a circular 1.2 Km all accessible pathway so that you can enjoy this rare environment.

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